Welcome To Potato Hut

There is more to the humble potato than you might think, and we will tell you why!

We add a little bit of creativity, a whole lot of taste and health to our creamy baked potatoes. A distinctive take on the globally beloved baked potato, our specialty is the Giant Oven-Baked Potato Split.

We expertly slice the colossal potato right down the middle, revealing the treasure within – a velvety potato interior. This creamy canvas is then skilfully blended with rich butter, a pinch of salt, and a generous sprinkle of decadent cheese. The result? An irresistible indulgence that’s nothing short of a taste sensation.

See you soon in our branches…

We combine this goodness along with a variety of toppings and serve our valued customers with health, quality, and innovation. Every time you walk up to a Potato hut location, you can try a whole new recipe! Just choose your favourite toppings & veggies and we will do the rest for you!

You may also go completely vegan if you’d like to!

Good to know…

Through Potato Hut, we are breaking the myth that potatoes are not healthy for you & supporting us is none other than Robin Vitetta-Miller, whos not only an editor to Health Magazine but also gives out some useful tips & tricks to magazines like Shape, Mens Fitness & CNN. Shes created the innovative preparation ideas using healthy ingredients & reasonable serving sizes. Every topping has something different to offer & we promise, you will always feel great about eating The Healthy Potato!