Our Story

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Our Beginings

The Potato Hut food and beverage concept originated from the United Arab Emirates. It was formed under Alawael Investment Group as they sought to diversify their existing food and beverage concepts after immense success in the food and beverage industry.

With over twenty years experience in the industry, they sought to develop a concept that is healthy, innovative and adaptable to all parts of the world, hence Potato Hut is developed.

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Why Potato Hut?

The Potato Hut Franchise is successful as it is adaptable and appeals to all people from different walks of life. Further, it enables individuals to set up their own business by becoming a Potato Hut Franchisee. In regards to startup, the investment for Potato Hut is low and the concept is available as a kiosk, express store, and Tuk Tuk or Ricksha.

There are many benefits to becoming a Potato Hut Franchisee, for example, the prestige of the brand, the expertise of the Franchisor, assistance provided by the Franchisor and most importantly the product. These make for the perfect synergy to enable any franchisee the possibility of success.

Our Products

We serve baked potatoes stuffed with a variety of ingredients catered to suit any market. As mentioned before the Potato Hut franchise is very adaptable. With this in mind, the tastes of individuals vary due to the different demographics of people. For example in Europe, the cuisine taste is subtle however on the other spectrum Asian cuisine leans towards the more flavorful and fragrant. The baked potato recipes thus will vary from region to region to cater to all tastes. We strive to refrain from being a static concept and embrace diversity and fluidity so as to ensure the success of the brand.

For example in India, we have already adapted some of the recipes to cater to the Indian market. Some of the menu items for India include Falafel delight, Soya Magic, Spicy Soya, Creamed Spinach, Cheesy Delight, Taco Salsa, Chilly Crispy Paneer, and Corn Magic to mention a few.


As our brand is adaptable as it caters to both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian people thus the recipes vary according to markets. Potatoes have shed the untrue stigma that they are unhealthy. In actual fact, they are healthy as they are high in fiber, rich in vitamin C, have 0% Cholesterol, are 100% fat-free and are an excellent source of potassium. Therefore not only is our product healthy, but it is also delicious and filling.

The pleasure of variety on your plate?